Being based at Hartpury University offers us the unique experience of being involved in research projects, from undergraduate and masters dissertations, to research for peer reviewed articles. 

Being involved in research allows us to stay up to date with changes in scientific literature within the veterinary industry, allowing us to continue to perform evidence based treatment.

For Hartpury University students interested in undertaking research with us please fill in the document below and email to


Below are references to published research papers that we have been involved with:

  • Barnicoat et al (2016) Effect of water depth on limb kinematics of the domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris) during underwater treadmill exercise. Comparative Exercise Physiology. 12 (4)
  • Parkinson et al (2018) Effect of water depth on muscle activity of dogs when walking on a water treadmill. Comparative Exercise Physiology. 14 (2)
  • Preston and Wills (2018) A single hydrotherapy session increases range of motion and stride length in Labrador retrievers diagnosed with elbow dysplasia. The Veterinary Journal. 234