Our Treatment Approach

At Cotswold Dog Spa we offer an integrated treatment approach of physiotherapy supported by hydrotherapy, with our physiotherapy treatments taking place both on land and in water.

Each treatment programme and session is catered to the individual dog and owner as every situation is different! We take into account all variables such as your animal’s temperament, condition, goals, home environment, and owner’s lifestyle.

A big part of any treatment is the owner, be that in clinic or at home as you are the more important person in the care of your dog! We focus not only on your individual animal, but on how performance and rehabilitation can also impact on the owner. It can be an emotional and stressful time when your animal is recovering from an illness or operation, or even just managing conditions in very young and old dogs.

We like to involve owners in the treatment process, as they are key to ensuring the best results and recovery for their beloved animals. As well as offering home advice and prescribing exercises to help support our owners and animal practically within the home environment, we request that during sessions owners are present at our clinic to get involved with therapeutic activities, helping to promote a happy and healthy environment.

Integrated physiotherapy and hydrotherapy

What does this mean?

Hydrotherapy - treatment in water.

Physiotherapy - treatment on land or in water including massage, passive range of motion, home advice, and use of electrotherapies.

Our integrated treatment approach saves you having to see multiple therapists for the two different treatments.

Having started out as a hydrotherapy business we were frustrated that we could not offer more to our canine patients and their owners. Therefore in 2015 we further developed the business and our treatment to provide a unique integrated treatment of physiotherapy and hydrotherapy. All our therapists have degrees in Veterinary Physiotherapy, allowing us to perform more treatment techniques both on land and in water to improve our rehabilitation and sports performance treatment. Since integrating physiotherapy with hydrotherapy we have seen an increase in the speed of recovery in our clients compared to hydrotherapy alone, and we are able to offer much more support and education to the owners.

Professional Bodies

Our staff are members of numerous professional bodies, enabling us to be part of a large community of professionals, with a wealth of experience and knowledge. As members of these professional bodies, we maintain a high standard of safe and professional practice, abiding by their codes of conduct, giving us respectability within the veterinary profession and a higher likely hood for your treatments being covered by your pet insurance policies.

IRVAP - Institute of Registered Veterinary and Animal Physiotherapist  

ICH - Institute of Canine Hydrotherapists 

NAVP - National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapists