Before you see us

Under the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 and the Veterinary Surgeon (Exemptions) Order 1962, we are legally required to contact your veterinary surgeon prior to the treatment of your dog to ensure your animal is in a state of health suitable for treatment. Therefore, can we please ask that you download our enquiry form and return it to, alternatively give us a ring on 01452 702177. Once we have this information we will contact your veterinary surgeon directly for a full case history.

Communication with your vet and other members of the multi-disciplinary team is important to us so that we are able to give you, the client, an overall view of the rehabilitation or sports performance process. We keep in contact with the involved parties at regular intervals throughout the journey and will keep you included in this feedback. If you are seeing a physiotherapist elsewhere we will of course keep them included in this communication.

Here at Cotswold Dog Spa your dogs individual needs are at the forefront of every treatment. We aim to create a calm and confident environment for your dog in order to develop a trusting relationship, so that every experience with us is beneficial to their overall health, rehabilitation and sports performance.

Appointment Prices

  • Initial Appointment £65 (inc VAT) (approximately 60mins)

  • Follow up Appointments (land or water based) £57 (inc VAT) (approximately 50mins)

    • (NB: Should LASER be recommended within land or water based appointments an additional charge of £10 (inc VAT) will be added)

  • LASER appointments £29 (inc VAT)  ( approximately 30 mins)

Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy and LASER are covered by most pet insurance companies and full itemised receipts can be given. We recommend you check your policies and limits before commencing rehabilitation, for their information we are registered with IRVAP and the LASER is Companion Care.