Poppy's Story

Poppy is a 5yr old Chocolate Labrador who started her time with us in February 2016.

When she first came to us she was completely paralysed due to Polyradiculoneuritis, an autoimmune disease which results in the bodies immune system attacking it's own nervous system.

After 6 months of intensive hydrotherapy and physiotherapy, and dedication from her owners, Poppy is now able to walk, run and bounce around!

Thank you to BBC Radio Gloucestershire for the video

Buster's Story

In December 2017, Buster  started treatment with us following a total hip replacement on his left hind-limb. Sadly, Buster's new hip dislocated twice and he ended up with a complete removal of the implant. In the process of this, Buster suffered severe damage to his sciatic nerve and was unable to place his foot the right way up on the floor. He lost almost all the muscle on his left hindlimb and began to walk and trot as if he only had 3 legs.

Buster very quickly grew to love his hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and LASER sessions with us, which was just as well as he was attending twice weekly for a long period of time. Gradually we started to see improvement in his awareness and some intermittent placing of his left hind-limb while standing and walking. As his awareness and confidence grew in his leg, he became more consistent with its use and improved dramatically! 

With a lot of determination, effort and homework from his owners, Buster is now thriving again. He’s able to walk, trot and most importantly, play without pain and using all those legs as he should!!

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