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Exercise Prescription

Bespoke home programmes will be devised taking into account your home environment and lifestyle, the condition being treated and the aims of the rehabilitation. Advice on exercise management will be discussed and monitored, as well as setting exercises to be performed at home to really excel your animals rehabilitation. These home exercises are a great way for owners to be thoroughly involved in your animals rehabilitation journey, and will help in keeping them stimulated and strengthen your bond with them whilst they are unable to exercise or do activities they were able to do pre surgery/injury.

During sessions ground work may be undertaken and can involve a number of tools, from balanced harness walking and proprioceptive tracks, to raised poles, hoops and ladders. For more advanced patients we have a wobble board and cushions to aid core stability and take exercises to the next level. 

Proprioceptive Enhancements

Included within your dogs bespoke home programme, exercises will be demonstrated and prescribed to help increase your dogs proprioception.

Proprioception is an awareness of your limbs in space and allows us to touch our hands together above our heads when blindfolded. Proprioception can be impaired with many musculoskeletal and neurological conditions such as arthritis, cruciate ligament disease, spinal injuries and many more. By utilising exercises to tap into your dogs proprioception we are making them more aware of where their legs are. This then transfers to other activities, so when they are exercising they perform the exercises more effectively to help build quality muscle mass and in turn help strengthen them, aiding with musculoskeletal and neurological conditions.

Proprioception will also be worked on within every rehabilitation session by your therapist, who will utilise a range of techniques both on land and in water.